LAMS Now Operating!

From October 1 2012 the new Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme has been operating. This changes the type of bike you are allowed to ride on a Learner or Restricted Motorcycle Licence (formally any bike 250cc or under).
Under the new laws Learner and Restricted Licence holders will be allowed to choose from a list of Learner Approved Motorcycles, published by the New Zealand Transport Agency. To qualify for this list, each motorcycle must powered by an engine no larger than 660cc that produces less than 150kW per tonne. As well as giving you many more model choices, the new scheme also prohibits the use of some 250cc models that no longer qualify.
For all of the information, and the full list of Learner Approved Motorcycles refer to the NZTA website:
At Motorad, our list of LAMS bikes will continue to grow as new models arrive into the country. The first new bike to arrive is the stunning new Kawasaki Ninja 300.

While the Sports, Touring and Cruiser categories will soon catch up with some new models arriving next year, the Adventure category is already filling up with new LAMS bikes.

The KLR650 makes a great dual purpose machine, it sits happily at highway speeds with plenty of power left to overtake. It also has a 890mm seat height suitable for those who couldn't fit many 250cc machines!
The new Husqvarna TR650 brings a more aggressive style, reminiscent of their competition machines, to the class. Under the new BMW ownership, the Husqvarna combines Italian styling with German engineering, in a package gauranteed to keep you entertained throughout your Learner and Restricted Licence period. Two options are available from Husky, both easily derestricted when you are ready to move on to your full licence!

Husqvarna TR650 Terra LAMS

Husqvarna TR650 Strada LAMS
Check out for a full list of Learner Approved Motorcycles available at Motorad - check back regularly as new stock is being added!