New Continental Sport Attack 2

Once again, German Tyre manufacturer Continental lead the way with new technology and advancements in the motorcycle sport tyre category. By taking the best elements from their previous Sport Attack tyre and their new Road Attack 2, Conti have developed the new Sport Attack 2 and have taken the compromise out of your tyre choice.

With Continuous Compound Technology (CCT), Conti have created a tyre that behaves like a multi-compound, without actually being one. By using a special curing process during production, CCT tyres are more flexible in the shoudler area providing better grip where it is needed, leaving the centre of the tyre more wear resistant. There is no "step" affect as you change from one area to another, and no negative wear affect, thanks to a smooth and continuous transition from the harder wearing centre to the high-grip edge.

As seen for the first time on the Road Attack 2, the new Sport Attack 2 uses Traction Skin on its outer surface. The dull micro-roughness of the tread means instant grip as you ride out on your new tyres, greatly improving the safety and reducing the time needed for break-in. With this process there is no need for release agents to get the tyre out of the mould - so more grip as you ride out of the shop!
A new and unique contour on the Sport Attack 2 sharpens handling and improves control over its predecessor, through Dynamic Ride Technology. Grip under acceleration and braking have both improved with further development of their Black Chili Compound, and warm-up time has significantly reduced. The new tyre also behaves better at each end of the temperature scale - improved stiffness at high temperatures, and better wet traction and behaviour at low temperatures.
The unmistakably Conti tread pattern has been carefully designed to work best at all lean angles:
0 - 5 degrees of lean - 100% Slick area for increased tyre life and better grip under acceleration and braking
5 -30 degrees of lean - Fast warm up time and improved wear regularity through tread design. Sharp edge on groove increases drainage.
30-51 degrees of lean - 3% treaded surface area for optimum grip at full lean
With up to a 20% improvement over the original Sport Attack in Mileage, Handling and Wet Grip and up to 10% better Warm-Up and Dry Grip, with the new Sport Attack 2 the world becomes your playground.
Proudly 100% made in Germany - and now the OEM choice for BMW on the 2012 S1000RR Superbike.
Available in:
120/70-17 - $269
160/60-17 - $349
180/55-17 - $349
190/50-17 - $369
190/50-17K - $389 (For heavier bikes)
More sizes coming soon (including 190/55-17)
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